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B Commerce is the culmination of 17 years of combined knowledge, passion and experience. This, together with solid financial investment and a unique business philosophy will catapult the B Commerce card to become a true international financial passport for the business to business community now and forever.

 The barter industry, an industry which is as old as man, has moved into the technological era and has gone global.
 The United States Commerce Department has declared barter an alternative form of business with some 250,000 participating companies responsible for 3% of world economic activity worth more than 7 billion dollars.
Barter uses computerized banking systems today and the latest communications technologies like the internet. The banking system works in the same way as traditional banks: members use the B Commerce dollar which is equivalent of the Canadian dollar and trades at the same exchange rate as on world money markets.
The B Commerce dollar is therefore a currency which is quantifiable, measurable, exchangeable and equivalent to the Canadian dollar, which facilitates the accounting of barter transactions.
Did you know you can advertise your business or send out a personalized group email or promote a sale out to the B Commerce membership? Did you know it's free!
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