I have been involved in the barter community for seven years, and had almost given up on its value in the business community until I had met B-Commerce. B-Commerce is an exceptional company that offers its members great value and an impressive supply network from which to generate a wealth of new business. Whether you are buying or selling, B-Commerce gives you access to an alternative economic model that allows you to get what you need on barter, while keeping your federal dollars for other companies outside the barter community. Here at A-Way, we have benefited greatly by being able to expand our resources without operating in the red! Thank you, B-Commerce.

Pam Lahey
Marketing Director
A-Way Courier


 Joining the BCommerce network has been a very wise and beneficial step for my business. At the beginning, I was very sceptical. But soon after, I saw the great benefits.

As a small business owner, managing cash flow is one of my main challenges. BCommerce helped me alleviate some of these challenges by leveraging on the power of barter dollars.

Whether it is a car rental and driving south for businesses conference, accounting and book keeping, printing or dining a prospective client, I know that BCommernce is my cash flow helper. I recommend BCommerce other businesses to join BCommerce.

Adel Majd

I have been involved with barter for many years and have had some very disappointing experiences. Since becoming a BCommerce member I can honestly say that they have completely changed my opinion. They are true professionals in every aspect, honest, prompt, diligent and take their business very seriously. Our hotel chain is proud to be an exclusive member. Continued success now and in the future. Bravo.
PS: We are honoured to be named Trader of the Month for January 2006.

I have been a member of many Barter Companies over the years. I am proud to say I am now exclusive to B Commerce only."

Steve Reynar
Founder, Auto Hire